Because everybody deserves a good nights sleep


The Good Sleep Toolkit is an innovative mobile application that gives you the tips, tools and steps to good sleep. Evaluate your sleep habits, try new approaches and even generate a full clinical report for your Doctor if you’d like further help


Increase awareness, feel empowered, improve your treatment access
Take control of your sleep challenges, your way

An alarming one-third of adults suffer from insufficient sleep, however if you go to your Doctor complaining of insomnia, you will have a high chance of walking out with a sedative prescription.
At The Good Sleep Toolkit, we believe in helping you find longer-term solutions and answers for your questions, such as:

How can I get a good nights sleep?
Why is this happening?
Is there something wrong or is this 'normal'?
How can I confirm if there's a problem?
If there is a problem is it serious?
What will happen if I can't get enough sleep?
What simple solutions are available that don't require medical intervention?
What do I do if I've tried all the simple solutions?
How can I communicate my problem with my GP?
How can I find a sleep specialist or clinic that's right for me?

  • Tips to help you understand how to break the poor sleep cycle and develop good sleep habits

  • Clinically recognised surveys to complete, providing an immediate overview of your sleep challenges. Plus, a sleep and activity diary to further keep track of your wellbeing

  • The ability to generate a complete report with all the information your Doctor will need to know if you decide to seek further medical consultation. Reducing the need for multiple appointments

  • Select the sleep clinic or specialist centre that's right for you by browsing through our comprehensive list of options closest to your postcode

The Good Sleep Team

A dynamic startup team with a complementary skill-set and proven industry experience


Chief Executive Officer
20 years experience in Sales, Integrated Marketing, Event Production and business leadership. She brings her extensive consulting experience to develop our industry partnerships, bring our offering to market and drive our strategy.


Technology Director
Our product strategy and development innovator with over 20 years experience in the architecture, design and development of large scale enterprise solutions.


Clinical Specialist (RN)
Over 30 years nursing experience, specialising for the past 15 years in caring for the needs of people suffering from Sleep Disorders. Darren is an ardent advocate of patient care and choice as well as quality care delivery and is associated with some of the most respected sleep research and health services in the country.