February 21, 2017

Good Sleep Toolkit


Leveraging the power and convenience of the smartphone, we have developed a unique product that could have a significant impact on your long term health.

The Good Sleep Toolkit, available on Apple iPhone/iPad and Google Android devices, contains a number of different tools that can help improve your sleep as well as permit you to explore and evaluate various features of your sleep that may be indicative of a sleep disorder.

Through the use of this application you will be presented with results and a report that you can use when you visit your Doctor or Sleep Physician, if you discover that you require further help.

The Good Sleep Toolkit helps you take control of your sleep challenges and begin the journey to improved sleep, empowered with the information necessary to have an informed conversation about your healthcare.

The toolkit achieves this through three (3) easy steps;

  1. Use Sleep Tips to evaluate if there are step you can take for an immediate improved sleep cycle
    Our fourteen sleep tips give you expert guidance on how to improve the way you approach sleep on a day to day basis. Such things as changing your routine in specific ways, reviewing how you look at your bedroom, and even how exercising at the wrong time can actually be a bad thing for sleep.
  2. Evaluate your sleep hygiene and record sleep patterns in a sleep diary
    Sleep hygiene is term used to describe good sleep habits. The GoodSleep Toolkit gives you the key steps to good sleep habits and allows you to uncover any obvious problems, so you can act to correct them and see if this makes a difference to your sleep quality. The sleep diary function in the GoodSleep Toolkit may help you identify daily patterns that could contribute to poor sleep.  If after considering your sleep patterns and behaviours and making adjustments, you still feel no improvement in your sleep, it may be a sign that you need to seek further advice.
  3. Take clinically proven assessment questionnaires
    The Epworth Sleepiness Test and Berlin Questionnaire are clinically proven assessment tools used by Sleep Physicians and Sleep Study Centres across the world. The GoodSleep Toolkit enables you to take these questionnaires at your own leisure, in simple language.  A high score on either of these indicates that you should seek further advice and book an appointment with your Doctor or Sleep Physician.
  4. Generate comprehensive assessment report and referral
    If, on the basis of your efforts to follow the Good Sleep tips, your completed surveys and the report generated, your Doctor thinks you should have a sleep study, ask him or her to complete the sleep study referral form that is produced by the Good Sleep Toolkit. This provides all the information a Sleep Physician needs to conduct an initial assessment prior to conducting an overnight sleep study.  You also have the opportunity to identify the sleep centres located nearest to you, evaluate them and pre-select the centre that you would prefer to attend for your sleep study